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 Posted: Sat May 19th, 2007 04:40 pm
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yep poor JR had a bad week first we leaves his fathers buisness cause his step mom is a ditz , now the crew messes up and gets him fined 100 points , possibly the last time he will have to win a championship for dad's CO.

I dont know if JR will go to Hendrick camp who would they get rid of? Or would they add a car?

Basically if JR wants to win championships and races but still drive a chevy he has 3 choices 1) Hendrick 2) RCR  3) Gibbs  I would like to see him in any of the 3 teams but who knows.

Did anyone watch Wind Tunnel on speed this week ?  Rusty and DW are on and they and Dave Despain are comparing Wonderboy to Big E.

Does anyone have a XM radio and listen to Dialed in w/ claire B Lang ? My favorite radio show.




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