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 Posted: Mon May 21st, 2007 10:33 pm
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Regina wrote: While listening to NPR today in my car, they mentioned that one of the topics to be debated tonight by the Republican candidates will be about the Confederate flag.  They also mentioned that it is a hot topic in Columbia SC (where the debate will be held) since it is displayed there ( I guess at the State House).  I didn't see the first debate but I will be able to see some of tonight's and I think it will be interesting.
They had the flag issue as part of the Presidential debate in 2000. (When the flag was still on top of the courthouse.) Of course being a Democrat, Al Gore had to say that the flag should come down. I thought that George Bush gave the better answer of saying that they were basically suggesting that "outsiders" should tell South Carolina what they should do.

Why, oh why, do they continually waste everyone's time with such a miniscule, local issue? An issue, that if it effects anyone, it's just those in a relatively small state in the Southeast.

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