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 Posted: Fri Jan 27th, 2006 03:14 pm
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I was in shiloh two years ago this coming April.  My second trip.  The first time I arrived just as the park visitors center closed .  But the rangers who were leaving right at Five said I could drive around .  It was interesting to be the only person in the park. 

I went back like I said for a second visit and met a very cranky ranger who couldn't believe I didn't want to watch is movie in the visitors center.  I am glad now reading all the postings that I chose not to.  Iwanted more time in the park.  Well that and in the bookstore.  Don't asked about the pile of books I walked out with at the beginning and back again at the end of my tour.   

I love Shiloh.  I want to go back again and spend more time.  Although it is a long drive from California. 

Corinth I was so frustrated.  I could not find sites.  I found a couple of houses listed as headquarters but that was it. 

BUT at Brices Crossing at their visitors center I found a very nice gentleman who insisted I see their film.  It was late in the day.  I needed to be in Collierville.  I said but you are closing at five .  He says , We are not the national park service I can wait.  He put the film on for me and did wait.  I watched Shelby Foote present the story of Brices Crossing.  I walked out and thanked him soooo much. 

As to local history.  I live in the Los Angeles area. I have alway been interested in history but until last year I didn't realize how much Civil War history is right here in the Los Angeles Basis.  I am now a member of the Drum Barracks in Wilmington.  The building was the detached officers quarters for the military site that sent supplies and troops thoughout the southwest during the war.  We also had the camels for Beale's experiment. 

I am off today to visit the adobe of John Rains had provided horse for the Los Angeles Mounted Rifles who with Albert Sidney Johnson had passed though his ranch area on the way south to join the fight .  The Los Angeles Mounted Rifles was the only Confederate group organized and sent east during the war. 

Bet you didn't know Los Angeles had a Civil War history.  I am learning more and more all the time. 


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