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 Posted: Thu May 31st, 2007 12:27 am
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Shhhhhh, quiet! there are Beloved Members from California and the north on this board! 

And, have you NO respect for the man - er, make that person (PCness, y'know) who invented the Internet?  Why now, we couldn't  even be "discussing" him like this without his creating the medium that made it possible!

Actually, I will not make fun of Mr. Gore, as Mr. Bush is in the White House....and that just plain hurts me these days.

Anyway, I just got back from a two-week hiatus, and I have been reading all I missed, have a bit to catch up on!

Something occurred to me: before Newt, wasn't there a kind of Doppelganger Personage of his, existing politically, maybe 1-1/2 decades before, called "Tip O'Neal"?  I think that man is long gone now (RIP), but I bet they ( Newt and Tip) could've written a great novel together, despite being very opposite.

Now, I am so looking forward to addressing the other threads - esp the medically related ones.

Have to share this, tho, first:

Someone here PM'd me and said, "You read the book twice????  Let me guess, the north didn't win..."


Don't want to ruin it by giving the end away for others, but I wish someone besides me here would read it.  Most alternative history authors bore me to death, but I really thought this was worth reading.

Catching up,

Joanie Reb

(haha- bet you thought you'd see me on the NASCAR thread, first!)




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