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 Posted: Fri Jan 27th, 2006 04:49 pm
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yankswon wrote: bcat71258 wrote:  A word to Stacy Allen...Please, please, please get a new film about Shiloh for your interpretive center. I'm sure the current one was good for its time...but it's 50 years old and when a re-enactor like myself sees artillery guys dressed in slacks with belt loops and a small belt...well, it just takes away from the essence of the whole thing.

Through hearsay it is my understanding that some of the older locals take great pride in the film because they participated in its creation.  Thus, they clamor to keep it going at the Visitor's Center.

You are right in what you say about the film though.


That was me, and it wasn't hearsay. ;)

Yes, it seems that, according to a ranger, that the "old-timers" have grown attached to that film. (She didn't say that they were part of it's creation though.) I suggested that if that's the case, package it into a DVD and sell it in their fantastic bookstore. Another thought is that they could continue to show it, perhaps at odd times or in another room, and still produce a new video for the rest of us. Many other CW parks have new, exciting orientations. Shiloh needs to keep up with the times.



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