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 Posted: Thu May 31st, 2007 02:36 am
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GC is a bacteria in the same family as meningococcus, streptococcus. For the most part still sensitive to penicillin, however some resistant strains have arisen. Don't understand the comment about viral. Some of the most gruesome pictures from the cw are of individuals with terminal syphillus. I agree with you in regards to A.P. Hill. It would be interesting to look at the various engagements he was in and his state of health to see if it did possibly make a difference. I think we can safely say that at Gettysburg health issues were present with this individual. I believe I read that he had difficulty sitting on his horse due to his prostatis. (An interesting footnote with Hill, is that during his first leave as a cadet at West Point, the commandant forbade all cadets to stop in NYC due to previous problems with other cadets. Hill unfortunately didn't heed his commanders orders, therefore picking up his love bug. Later McClellen's future mother in law spread rumors concerning Hill's disease and daliences therefore causing the end of her daughters engagement to Hill, therefore opening the door for McClellen.) Did GC effect his judgement/actions, again its speculation/what if. But isn't that what interests us anyway.

Doc C

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