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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2007 06:13 am
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This is truly astounding to me.  :shock: 

I've heard it said that Lincoln was "physically consumed" by the Presidency.  And, I think that one needs only of see the photos from Matthew Brady's gallery, in chronological order,  to follow that progression. 

Unfortunately, I have many of my favorite references packed up right now, so I can't consult them and back up my train of thought here.  But, hadn't Lincoln just lost his most beloved young son, Willy, to one of the frequently terminal fevers of the time?  And, had to sit by helplessly while Willy died over a period of days or weeks?

I remember having to learn a scale of "personal stresses" way back in the eighties, which predicted a person's chances of of becoming seriously ill, having a major accident, or succumbing to full-blown drug/alcohal dependency.

These things included:  Loss of a child; job stress; unhappy marriage, and a few other things that would be descriptive of Lincoln's life at the time.  I'm exaggerating now, don't remember the scale and all, but it seems to me, by that scale, he should have been at a negative ten.  Dead, just not knowing it. :?

Nearly unbelievable to think, that under all those combined circumstances, he could write and orate one of the most noted addresses of all time....


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