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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2007 07:47 am
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famly traditon.  On Memorial day my dad would go out to the garage and turn the radio on to the race.  Then he would start cleaning out the garage . He would put everything outside and sweep the whole floor out .  Then put each thing back in neatly.  Of course things would end up in the trash too.  All the time the radio would be broadcasting the zoooom zoooom of the race cars and the annoucer telling you what was happening.  I would go out and sit and watch and listen .  I would help when I could .  I t was always  a special day .  So even though he has been gone for 14 years I still at least listen to the race on the tv while I am doing other things.  I should be out in the garage cleaning like he did . 


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