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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2007 09:13 am
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You Rock!!!!

I am too tired to look at it seriously now, but this is what I remembered - I am so grateful to you for re-acquainting me with it.

Now - for a Very Bad Chuckle.  Very Bad.  Bad Joanie! 

However, we will see who is paying attention here.

This is awful, because, as I understand it it was meant in sincerity:

Lincoln lost his son, Willie, to disease.

WT Sherman lost his son, Willie, to disease.

And, a  General whom I can't remember, lost his son, Willie, to battle..

One of them, in a sympathy statement, said,  "We have all lost our Willies".

Dear Lord, for something so awful and real to turn into something that always makes me laugh - how awful.

BTW,  The author - I might mangle his name here - E. L. Doctornow -  used this in his novel, "The March"...

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