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 Posted: Sun Jun 3rd, 2007 12:06 am
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Does anyone besides me want to see Juan Pablo Montoya do demolition derby?

Wow, that would be cool  - NASCAR DD to End the Season, let them all get their frustrations out!  I LOVE JuanPM for his honesty:  "It's just racing, Get Over It!". At the same time I am cursing him for a dirty... well, never mind. 

All the racers are so PC these days, they have their PR men and handlers.  Especially the new up-and-comers, so young, so "mature and self-possessed" in their comments.  They get eff'ed in a race and say just the right thing to make them Oh-so-charming (I'd LOVE to hear Denny Hamlin let off steam beyond the cameras)....

I'd LOVE to see the All-Star Challenge run as the last race of the season, ROFL.

Bad Joanie.  No cookie.

PS - open house season here, just got to see the last 27 laps of the Busch race.  Wish I'd recorded it!


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