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 Posted: Thu Jun 7th, 2007 02:54 pm
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The state of Vermont is considering seceding from the Union. I wish I could find a link to the news article. Anyway, I wonder what the "Union" response will be if, in fact, Vermont staters do vote to secede and will the arguments for whatever action is taken or not taken sound similar to the arguments that were commonly made when South Carolina seceded. 

Key West seceded in 1982, named themselves the Conch Republic, designed a flag, and promptly requested millions of dollars in "foreign" aid from the U.S. That entire episode, however, carried with it the kind of fun and festivity the Florida Keys are famous for. I think Vermont's plans are much more serious.

What the government did in 1861 is instructive, because such things could happen again, possibly over divisive issues such as immigration.

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