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 Posted: Thu Jun 7th, 2007 11:39 pm
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Seems a search for a bad guy is underway. May I nominate Kurt Busch? Half the driver is younger brother is, and twice the a**hole.
Just got a chance to watch the Nextel Dover race, and see the much-publicized incident between Tony and Kurt go down.   You're right, Joe.  Darn, Kurt made Tony look like a sweet little kitty-cat.....

 the best thing i can see about Indy car is Danika  she is a looker :P

Have you seen Milka Dunno, the latest woman Indy car racer?  Now She'll bring some well-needed interest to the indy-car series, LOL:

Checked into the opening of the Milwalkee Mile (a lower-tier Indy race) after watching the Nextel repeat this afternoon.  There was a major pile-up in the first lap that left 5 cars out of the race for good.  And let me tell you, THE FAN went wild! :D

Just kidding - there were at least three people in the stands, they were just a litlle spread out....:shock::)

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