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 Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2007 03:28 pm
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This article is on the front News Page of the CWI site:


As the article says, it is the hand written original of a well known telegraph from Lincoln trying to get Meade to pusue and destroy Lee's army.  Popular opinion stated seems to be that if he had done so, the war would have ended two years earlier.

Question:  Is it probable that would have happened, or is it equally likely that pursuing Lee and forcing him into a defensive position (what Longstreet seems to have wanted from the begining) would have resulted in a bloodletting that reversed the gains of Gettysburg proper and made the campaign a draw militarily. 

I know that a lot of folks here don't like hypotheticals, but I was just wondering what the peanut gallery thought.  Could Lee's army on the defensive had enough fight to successfully hold against he Army of the Potomac, AND if they did so, what the military and especially the Political ramifications may have been?

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