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 Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2007 09:01 pm
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So long as the peanut gallery was called on, the peanut gallery responds. "It's Howdy Doody Time!"

Must disagree with the learned Mr. C -- to a point. Meade was just as frazzled as was Lee. His wagons were scattered hither and yon, and he was too cautious to send the army (exhausted army) off without it. Mr. Hoffman has called it about right: there was nothing Lee or Longstreet would have liked more than to fight the AotP on ground of the ANV's choosing.

From Lincoln's -- and Mr. C's -- view, this was a war-ending opportunity. Lincoln's disappointment is palpable. How unreasonable was Meade's delay? He got the cavalry off in pursuit; could he have put an effective force on the road after the ANV on the morning of July 4th? Could he have done it and remained in compliance with his mandate -- cover Washington and Baltimore?

And let's look at Washington. Why didn't Halleck go in person to order Meade to move at all hazards? Wouldn't it make sense to strip the Washington garrison by half and move them over to Harpers Ferry or thereabouts -- at least to get in Lee's way a little -- perhaps to give him pause about crossing at some of the points he did?

Lincoln's disappointment is certainly understandable; but so too is Meade's hesitation. Will look for other replies to TimHoffman's post.



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