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 Posted: Sun Jun 10th, 2007 01:48 am
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They had the nagging feeling that if the war ended with slavery intact, there would be another war, and another, until the peculiar institution was gone.

This had never even occurred to me - nor have I ever read of this idea - but it has real merit.

Ole, between what you and Johan have said, I have enough on my mind that I am wandering off to my computer while a NASCAR Busch race is on TV, to re-read both your posts.  That's like, some serious stuff, if it pulls me away from The Boys on the Roundie-Round.  However, I must rush back to the race now, and only think of this stuff during commercials, :D:cool::cool:.

Here in Michigan, I once heard a lecture by a "general" war historian (not the rank, but the fact that he studied the history of war, in general, :)), and he mentioned that there was a time during reconstruction that many of the elements were in place for a new civil war to ignite, this time with the midwest coming in on the side of the South.  But, again that is anouther subject, it just kinda reinforces your comment above.

A lot of food for thought here.

My thanks.



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