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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2007 05:30 pm
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JDC and Joanie

I read this thread and thought i did not have the smarts to respond and then something hit me . Why did the boys of the union line up to join up ?  Most folks with southern sympathies draw a blank . I think maybe I can help you out after thinking on the subject.

First lets put a modern spin on the subject , try to put us in the place of these men. Do you remember Sept. 11 ,2001 after we had been hit on our home soil by terrorist, the amount of patriatism that was revived, volunteers in military swelled, Why because someone had hurt us and we wanted to strike back. I think we gloss over the firing on Fort Sumter , I Imagine unionists saw it as a attack on them just like we did,a attack on what they stood for , God, country ect. I mean they called the southern forces Rebels we call the forces of osama terriost,( which is what they are ) shows what they thought of em.

Second the union men fought for the reasons Joanie mentioned adventure, money,glory, fear of being called a coward.

Conscription -- later in the war they had no choice on both sides, you were called you served , war is full of men that didnt want to go but did. The union army had a fair amount of men that came off of immigration boats and went into the union army for 3 reasons food, shelter, and pay

My grandfather was wounded at Iwo Jima I asked him once why he joined up, We were talking about my friends that were in the national guard, he said " because after the japs bombed peal harbor there was no choice"  Much like the men of blue his country his way of life and bliefs were hit and he struck back in the best way he could.

 the above thoughts are from a simple Missouri boy , so take em and 50 cents and enjoy a cup of java on me




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