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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2007 01:30 am
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Hey Younglobo -

The 9/11 analogy?  Simple, straight-forward, even obvious, and it worked for me.  Got that, now, thanks.  Really.

I do not think that Fort Sumpter issue is glossed over, though - I think it's a real hot-button issue, always has been, continues to be to this day.  So much so that I was starting to rebel against what you were saying in my mind - after all, I have heard for as long as I can remember that basically, the South was forced (the old men at the barbershop used the word "tricked") into firing that first shot.  But then, I remembered, I'm trying to understand the North's point of view here.  And, since you put it that way, I get it now.  Very powerful motivation, seeing the symbols of one's country under attack, seeing your flag shot at.

Also, I went back and checked out Chamberlain's speech in TKA's (great book, brilliant prose, now I'm reading whole thing again, darnit), and found what I remembered as Chamberlain's main point - not the slavery issue - which was also prominent - but the fear and hatred of the development of a "new aristocracy" in the South.  (Of course true Americans don't want a new arisrocracy, which is why there were all those incrediably rich people whose names have come to mean "old money" at the turn of the 19th century - many on the passanger list of The Titanic - and why we've dubbed the Kennedy administration "Camelot" - and why we (in general) can't stop reading, writing, and most of all WACTHING ever facit of Paris' Hilton's life, LOL).

But, I recall that as a factor brought up repeatedly  - including by Chamberlain.  Especially by the recent immigrants; the German's were most admament in that respect.

I have a bad case of something yucky, and have put together all the words I can for today.

Going to collaspe now.....

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