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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Keep in mind that 'The Killer Angels' is fiction. Chamberlain never made such a speech...

True - but M. Shaara claimed to have taken the dialouge from letters and other writings by Chamberlain.  In general,  he said that he used, as much as possible, the characters' own words (while "modernizing" the dialouge so as not to let it get bogged down by the vernacular of the day, which is a bit over-blown to the modern ear ). He did say that he took responibility for the character interpretation, thus Chamberlain's attitudes being expressed in this "speech". 

Chamberlain and M. Shaara were both academics, both professors - there's a point there somewhere...

This book was a huge labor of love for M. Shaara.  He really projected himself into the persons and the battle.

It was written in 1974 (I think, don't have my copy with me now), and a lot more study has been done since then, but this doesn't take away from his immpecable research - one of the reasons I admire the book so much.  Even if I don't really like the way it ends, LOL!

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