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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2007 02:53 am
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Hey guys,

Stumbled across this board, just about like I do with almost everything else on the Internet.

You seem like a informed group, very opinionated and yet still civil (heh, heh).

Me? 56 years old, galvinized. Originally from Pennsylvania, but have lived in North Carolina for the past 30 years. So perhaps my subject greeting might be a little misleading, but 30 years in the south can do that to a guy. (I could have said, 'Hi, youse guys.') Anyway, married a southern girl, so had to learn to speak the language.

Have cultivated an interest in the Civil War since childhood, switched to WWII for a while, then back to CW again. You'd think with all that interest in history I would have turned out be be something other than a sports writer (now retired), but such is life.

Will soon be headed to Gettysburg for the Civil War Institute, which I have been attending for the past 17 years. This year's topic is soldiers, civilians and Fredericksburg and our primary field trip will be to Fredericksburg (what a surprise). Some of our lecturers and tour guides include the legendary Ed Bearrs, James McPherson, Frank O'Reilly, George Rable and Chuck Teague. Should be a good time.

Any other CWI attendees out there?

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