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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2007 07:45 am
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Old Sorrel,

Thank you for the very wonderfully well-put-together post.

I heard the news last night, Oh Boi....

Was really hoping Junior would go with Gibbs:  Then, I could've been 100% behind  a whole team, not just pulling for my Individual Favorites, of which I have a "short-list" (guys whom I am always happy to see win, and will never pull against).

Missed the press conference because of work today and church tonight, and forgot to pick up tape for recording the press conference - but, Junior is truly smart and deep and sincere, (and extremely well-managed, in terms of PR),  so I imagine that if I'd seen the press conference, I'd feel a lot better about this move than I do  right now.  Geez, Junior's so charismatic, he could  even convert me to a Hendricks/JeffGorden/JimmieJohnson/Dale EarnhardtJr.  team.  But, I missed the press conference, so without Jr.'s charisma to convince me, I remain sad.

This move hurts me somehow.  Like watching a monopoly being formed in such a way that we might just as well just watch competion within The Hendricks Team, and forget about The Very Talented Others, whom might become underdogs in terms of having to deal with The Hendrick's Machine.  Not that I am putting the Hendrick's Machine down, it is upping the ante on spectacular racing.

And, Kyle Busch got sent out?  Lord, this will be interesting. 

Personally, I want to give someone the bayonet, and it might even me, because I am just sad about all this right now.   I bet this is the beginning of a "New Dynasty" in racing.  That hurts, I don't like monopolies and I do like underdogs. 

Oh, well, now EVERYBODY wins:  The Red Army, the Gordon fanatics, the JJ wildcats. 

I like Underdogs, myself.  I just cain't go with Hendricks now, even though I bet that they will "dominate the sport" and "make racing history" and Blahblahblah.  So that, 30 years form now, we will be looking back at "The Hendrick's Stable" with worship.

Me, I'm going with The Stronger Individuals: Tony, Kyle, and Denny.

That's just how it feels to me right now.

God Bless DaleJunior , may he achieve his racing dream.

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