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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2007 08:11 pm
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This is the opportunity of a life time. Fans of Hendrick Motorsports excepting new membership applications. Hurry this oppotuntity wont last long. This is the most comprehensive plan Nascar has to offer. Where else can you get, not just 1, not just 2, but 3 all star drivers in one membership. Thats right,, 3 all star drivers. No other membership has this quality to offer. But you must hurry, this offer wont last long,, So join the best, The Fans Of Hendrick Motorsports.

And if you act now, you get the bonus driver of the up and coming Casey Mears. Wow what a deal! You'll get, Jeff Gordon-(4 time champ,soon to be 5)' Jimmie Johnson-(2007 champ) and Jr-( soon to be a champ). And the bonus driver of Casey Mears! ACT NOW!

Hendrick Motorsports Membership Application

Please complete all areas below legibly, in ink, and return with old racing    memorabilia

Jeff, Jimmie, and Jr Nation

P.O. Box 244808

Hendrich, TX. 084824

Type of Application (check one):

New: _______ Renewal: ______ Former Member: ______ Change of RACING TEAM:_____

Personal Information (Please complete release statement below):

Title (e.g.; Ms. Dr) Last name First Name MI


Position (e.g.; JR, JG, JJ, CM) Type of FAN: hard core, every so often, new fan ( _____________________________________________________________

Nascar Races Attended  (if applicable): ______________________________________________________________________

Graduation date _____________________ Degree/certificate awarded:___________________________

Mailing address:____________________________________________________

Street address and apartment number

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________ ___________________________________________________

City State Zip

Phone (including area code):

Home: ( _____ ) __________________________

Office: ( _____ ) __________________________

E-mail address:_______________________________________________________________

Applying for which category of Membership? (Check one)

Note: Memberships are due on January 1st.of 2008.

                                     Old Sorrel

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