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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2007 07:36 am
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Regarding "The Big Disillusionment",

I've just said in a couple of posts that I am so out-of-it from back surgery and pain meds that I shouldn't be posting.

But, hey, when was the last time that I've listened to my own good advice? :shock:

Anyway, give it a week.  Then another week. Then just one more.

Yeah, I think Junior might have got his ass pushed-or-drawn into "the dark-side", but he's all His Own Man - even if he gets his butt kicked by by his new Hendricks teammates (which I think is likely) - he is just trying to find his own destiny.  Maybe he weren't cut out to be The Great Driver;  he is still his daddy's son, and, in many ways (besides driving the left-turns), as much and as good, if not more and better. 

But, I think he finally has to find out for himself, Is he The Driver that he's made out to be, or not?  I cain't watch an interview with That Man (and Jr. is for sure a real grown-up man, not a little boy in a 30+ body) without liking him more than I like about any public figure in any walk of life.  The guy is REAL and very deep:  just watch his reaction when asked about going to Childress and driving the 3 (that keeps showing on every sports show this week).  No one can fake that sort of thing.  The guy speaks his own truth from his own heart.  And it don't all have to be about getting a championship in the name of Earnhardt.

Somehow, he is an icon, and he knows it, and feels the responsibility, and wants to still be be his own man without living in the Shadow of his Icon Daddy.  Watch him talk  (not just listen to his words but)  his eyes and attitude:  Junior is his own person, trying to figure out for real who he is himself, not just live up to and off his Earnhardt name, but in his own right. Still trying to make his daddy proud, even if it isn't on the race track.  I don't pull for him as a driver, but I sure do as a person, and that makes my short list of about three people that I do pull for in that sense.  So, sorry if I'm waxing way too whatever...I'd do the same without the drugs, just be a little more embarrassed, LOL!

I cain't imagine the guts it took to put himself on the line like that, joining Hendricks.  He will, for sure, find out if he is the driver whom deserves Junior Nation or not.  And, I think that he, as a person really needs to know that.  AND, he has the guts to find out!!!!!!

Think of it, he could have been beloved by a whole Junior Nation for ever, but he's saying, "I have to know, am I that good or not?"  Going with Hendricks, and against Jeff and Jimmie, will tell him - and everyone else, that.    He's got no excuses now. he either IS or ISN'T the Junior his fans want him to be.  WOW.  He has my total respect, laying himself on the line like that, for all to see.  Even if he doesn't earn my respect as a driver, he sure has earned it as a man.  No more illusions/disillusions, just the straight-forward truth now - can he drive with the great talent (which Jeff Gordon surely is, no matter how we feel about JG personally):  Junior is bringing it home.  Not playing with our affections anymore.  He either is or is not what we think he is as a driver.  As a man, I have no doubt that he is very special and walking his own line to self-realization.  Like he said, in the long run, he said he thinks his Daddy would be proud. What he didn't say, was:  It is his life, and he needs to find out about himself.  The myth vs. man. 

I fear for what is ahead for him as a driver. 

But I like him all the more for not hiding in the shadows anymore.  So, maybe he ain't really in the dark-side, but coming out of it?

Anyway, when it comes to the Yankee side of the sport and all, that is another topic.  This weekend, the boys are running the roundie-round 50 miles from where I reside right now.  More on that, later.

G'night from the mitten-shaped state where the boys will be going round-and-round again tomorrow.

(PS, if you get too depressed about it all, jest listen to Sterling Marlin talk and try to figure out what he's saying, LOL! - That boy jest must be from Tennessee!)

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