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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2007 01:38 pm
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Mr. Duncan,
I stand humbled, flattered and honored before you. Thank you for the kind words.

To younglobo,
Thank you for the welcome. Tell me about Lexington, Mo.
Lexington, NC, is about 20,000 population, located about 25 miles south of Winston-Salem, and is famous for its pork barbecue. In fact, this little town has about 17 active barbecue restaurants — you virtually have to go out of town if you want something else to eat. We have a Barbecue Festival in October, now in its 25th year, that brings in well over 100,000 people to town for a single day. It's amazing.

To CleburneFan
Whenever we go to G-burg, we take the Chambersburg exit to get on Rte. 30. Have you been to C-burg recently? Rte. 30 is pretty much built up these days and just horrible to drive. Where is McCausland when you really need him?
Note: At one of our Civil War Institutes a few years ago, we took a field trip to C-burg and visited Messersmith Woods, where Lee set up his HQ prior to Henry Heth getting caught up in that little skirmish on Herr Ridge a few days later.

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