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 Posted: Tue Jun 19th, 2007 12:02 am
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As I prepare to leave on Saturday to spend a week in Gettysburg for the Civil War Institute, I'll be leaving my wife behind to fend for herself once again for the 17th year. I was just curious to see how the rest of you get along with your spouses or significant others when it comes to your interest in the Civil War. Are they supportive? Share your interest? Groan and consider having you committed?

My wife of 27 years has only a marginal interest in the war and I guess I'm lucky we're still happily married after I've dragged her to sites a far north as Brunswick, Me. (we found Chamberlain's grave) and as far south as Ft. McAlister in Savannah, Ga., as far east as Ft. Fisher in Wilmington, NC, and as far west as Shiloh.

I try to keep it interesting for her, spending nights at B&B's or taking ghost tours in Gettysburg, Charleston or Savannah, which she enjoys (ghost tours! that could be another thread). Our TV room/den has two Kunstler and one JP Strain prints and any number of artifacts that I've collected over the years, which I'm pretty sure is not part of her sense of design for the house.

All in all, she's been a real trooper. How goes it for the rest of you?

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