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 Posted: Tue Jun 19th, 2007 02:54 pm
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My wife is glad to let me go to reenactments!! I'll leave on a Friday, her mother will come to pick up my son for the weekend, so the little woman gets a respite from hearing me rattle on about battles, pards and miniture soldiers!!

She did make a dress for herself, and she usually goes to 2 events a year, but usually she comes out on Saturday and leaves after the battle. We've got 2 dogs at home, so someone needs to take care of them. I'm trying to get her more involved by getting her books about women of the period, etc. I've even offered to buy her an evening dress so we could go to the dances.

As our 5 year old son gets older and better able to go with me to events, I think maybe she'll want to go too.

Her main reason for not going too often is that she doesn't want to travel too far (which, in my opinion, is NOT a valid arguement!!)

All in all, she supports me, but I think she stays at home to enjoy the quiet.

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