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 Posted: Tue Jun 19th, 2007 07:20 pm
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I've been hit with many lists in the past, sometimes for even less!

In July, I'm hosting a "Summer Encampment" for my reenatcing Unit. I was telling my 5 year old son about it, and how he could camp with the "soldiers", etc. During supper that night, he answered the phone. He said into the phone "Oh, Hi mee-maw!! Guess what??...The soldiers are comming to camp out at our house!!"....My wife dropped her fork, gave a stern-quizzical looked, and asked "What does he mean 'the soldiers are comming to camp'?"....I said, "Uh, yeah....I was gonna mention that...."....As it turns out, she's volunteered to fix biscuits & gravy for us for breakfast, so I did pretty good!! Actually, there's been very few events that she didn't make some kind of pie or desert to send for the boys.....She's even helped me make hardtack!!

I just wish she'd get more involved and participate in the events. Slowly, I'm geting my son involved. He was on hand for Memorial Day ceremonies at a Confederate Cemetary. He got to hold the flag, march and salute. He did pretty good, too (we even got our picture in the paper!). I'll take him to some events that are closer to home, that way, if he wants to go back home, the wife won't have far to drive to get him. I think the encampment we're having will be good practice for him. He "graduated" pre-school a few weeks ago. For each child graduating, the Announcer would say, for example (Bobby's favorite color is yellow, he likes pizza and wants to be a doctor"....When my son was up there, it was announced that he wants to be a Soldier!!.....Ah, the apple doesn't fall too far, does it???

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