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 Posted: Wed Jun 20th, 2007 01:59 am
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My three favorite fields are Gettysburg, Gettysburg and Gettysburg.

Yes, I know the battlefield is not totally pristine, there are too many Union monuments and not enough Confederate, and I know commercialism runs rampant there, but something just keeps drawing me back.

I've been to G-burg so often I've lost count. Years ago, I first went just to take in the overview. But each trip back offered a new discovery and more detail: The First Shot Marker, the Lost Avenue, Hancock's wounding site, the 11th PVI marker with its canine mascot, Sallie (where each July 1 somebody leaves her some Milk Bones), the mural on Coster Avenue. It just goes on and on.

I appeciate a nearly pristine battlefield as much as the next guy — Shiloh was magnificent and Antietam is awesome — but the commercialism at G-burg doesn't really bother me much. Heck, there was commercialism there in 1863, right? It's just different now.

And I think I remember reading somewhere that G-burg with all of its monuments offers the largest collection of outdoor statuary in the country. Might I suggest that the North Carolina monument on Confederate Avenue just might be one of the most compelling works of art on the battlefield?

One of the neatest things I've done there happened a few years ago when I took Rod Gragg's book, 'Covered with Glory,' brought along my three CWI roomates, started out at the golf course on the west side of Willoughby Run, and read the chapter out loud defining the moment when the 26th NC collided with the 24th Michigan in Herbst Woods. We followed the regimental clash step by step as I read, and it left me drained and in tears by the time we were done. An incredibly moving experience.

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