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 Posted: Wed Jun 20th, 2007 02:47 am
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Pvt. Clewell wrote:

Don't think so. Not unless you were that crazy person who sat next to me on the bus ride to Second Manassas about 10 years ago, talked incessantly and spilled water all over me


No, I was sitting five seats behind you, with the guy who had the big ol' bottle in the brown paper bag....didn't talked much, but "spewed" a lot....

OK, Pvt. Clewell, it seems we've never meet.  However, we are now guilty of "hijacking" a thread together.

Prepare to be punished....

Don't worry, I've been thru it before:  just keep your head up, look sincere and innocent,  point your finger at me, and yell:   "It's all  HER fault!   Will someone PLEASE reconstruct her?"

Then, promise Joe/Javal1  that you will never let me lead you into hi-jacking a thread again.



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