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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2007 03:16 am
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PC -

Amazing to talk to someone who still remembers the Hess Christmas window displays. Cute (strange) story.... when I was young enough to still be in a stroller, my sister would push me over the Hamilton St. bridge (I grew up in Riverview Terrace on the east side) to see the windows. One year, I would guess 1962 or so, I managed to jam my head between the railings of that bridge looking for a non-existant fish my sister always claimed to see as we passed over the bridge. The fire dept. had to be called to spread the railings so I could get my head out! This happened right near the old A&B meat plant btw. I had lumps on both temples till I was 11 years old. (some would say "that explains a lot").

But to your questions.... sadly, I haven't been able to return to Allentown in almost 10 years, As a matter of fact I now have 2 grandchildren there that I have never laid eyes on. Afraid the old jalopy just won't make it.

As for Phillies/Eagles.... I refuse to follow baseball anymore, but at one time I bled Phillie red. Sitting on a shelf in front of me are several signed baseballs by Johnny Callison, Tony Taylor, Tommy Green, Mike Scmidt and others. As for the Eagles - I still bleed green for those boys. I'm an NFL fanatic, and that's my team, no matter where I live! Great to hear from another Allentown native (btw, also lived in Coplay, Whitehall, Catasauqua and Walnutport)...

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