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 Posted: Thu Jun 21st, 2007 05:27 pm
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Movies that make me cry are few Rudy is one guess that is a guy thing, or because i was born and raised until I was 6 in South Bend. Electric Horseman with Robert Redford when he sets the horse free at the end I always cry. The Cowboys when John Waynes Character gets Killed.  In Pursuit of Honor when they are gonna Kill the horses in that pit.

Another movie that mad me mad was horse whisper when the horse is hit by the car I stoped the tape right there and flung it across the room my wife still has not got to see it till this day . Must be the trooper in me LOL.

Green Berets JDC  is that when the little vietnamese boy is looking for his friend, man loses his dog and buddy/father in the same flick that is sad.


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