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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 03:19 am
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Do you mean Sickles instead of Pickett? Don't know that Pickett lost a limb, although I think he did get his ass chewed out after his shadbake at Five Forks.

Amputees returning to service in the Civil War are interesting. You have to think they were sedated on occasion, which had to affect their judgement in the field. Didn't Ewell cool his stump in Rock Creek after arriving in Gettysburg?

Actually, Ewell's performance up until the end of the first day at Gettysburg was pretty decent, I believe. He dad a strong performance at Winchester on the way to Gettysburg in one of his first actions as a corps commander.

Not sure that Sickles returned to service after his wounding, but he was instrumental in turning Gettysburg into a national military park.

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