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 Posted: Fri Jun 22nd, 2007 03:28 pm
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NB Forrest exited saying "If you was a whole man, I'd whup you to within and inch of your life".) 

LoL man that is why Love to read about NBF what a way with words.

Back to the subject of this thread now .. I think most of the Gen. that came back did so because of a largly due to a sense of duty and honor to country, and folks were just alot tougher back then.  I caught a show on cable the other day (I think on CSTV or Military Channel) about soilders that had returned from Iraq as amputees which who in there College days had been world class athletes one soilder had lost an arm and used to play tennis and the other was a la cross player that had lost both legs and with prosthesis limbs both not only played thier previous sports but folks that knew them when said they were even better players now. You have to have a certain attitude to be a good soilder and the ones that have it can overcome alot.

I also believe it has alot to do with attitude , I have a young teenage girl in my youth group at our church she has a spinal injury and has been in a wheel chair since birth, she has the most to gripe about of any teenager yet rarely if ever does is always smiling and in a good mood. Because she has a positive outlook, and a go getter attitude. Both of the above Gen. had to have the same attitude or they would of been sunk plus times were different you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps you didnt look for the GOV for help or others like most do now days, the woe is me mentality. 

I now hop off the soap box (sorry for the lengthy rant)

As i always say just the Opinion of a MO. Boy that and .50 the java is on me

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