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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2007 02:43 am
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Wow, I am just thrilled by these responses, and actually learning and being challenged and wanting to respond, with thoughts or questions, (hopefully intelligent ones) to each one.

I was afraid everyone would think I was just being silly with this thread!

I will not be on my feet until Monday, and am very tired, but, boy, reading this thread gave me a lift, thank you all!

I just wanted to reply to Cleburne Fan's response right now, because I think it brings in special information.  Yes, this Great, Big, seemingly Fearless soldier (credited to Texas, but originally from Kentucky, I believe), had previously lost the use of his arm.  While it was not amputated, it was withered and useless,  and was pinned by the sleeve to the breast of his shrit or jacket for the rest of his life.  Subsequently, he lost a leg, 4 inches below the hip!   This was an incredably physically hardy man by birth and upbringing, he couldn't have survived otherwise.  And by all accounts, he was fearless. 

I remember reading something that said, "as if to dispute all claims that he might be a lame lover, he fathered eleven childern in as many years, including  (2 or 3???) sets of twins."

Yet, his life was bound in tragedy - if I remember correctly, his wife, eldest child, and he, himself, all died of a fever within a week of each other, when the elderst was eleven years old (Please feel free to correct me, going on memory, but I'm sure that I am not too far off).

I have always thought, that this was the ultimate tragedy/failure of his life, to leave behind 10 orphaned children, none older than 10 years old.  I have wondered what happened to those orphaned children.  Thank you for giving me a clue, Cleburne Fan!

But again, interestingly, Ewell and his wife also died somewhat prematurely of a fever, a few days apart.

Well, back to recouping  - see Ya'All Monday!




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