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 Posted: Sun Jun 24th, 2007 11:17 am
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Pvt. Clewell,

I would LOVE to believe this:

Although in retrospect the decision was probably correct and conformed to Lee's orders (to avoid a general engagement), Ewell was criticized for it thereafter.

Thank you for the quote from Donald Pfanz, most of which I think accurate and good until I come to that singular statement.....

....but hadn't Lee's orders about avoiding a general engagement expired hours ago?  Didn't it expire when Heth engaged Buford.? (Another subject, but, I think pro'bly another very sad mistake resulting from AP Hill being too ill to command.)

I think that the battle was in full swing, and actually winding down, when Ewell chose not to take The Hill.   A "general engagement"  had been going on for hours....violently.  And, with the man that I think was the North's best general (John Reynolds), killed early on.


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