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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2007 06:47 pm
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David, lol! My wife and I went to Gettysburg a few years ago and by the time we got to the Copse of Trees, my suggestion that we go to East Cavalry Field was roundly met with a look that suggested I was crazy. Turns out it was better that we didn't since I never got to see the visitor's center (and its bookstore :D) and wouldn't have been able to see the cemetery as it was getting near closing time.

We had a  somewhat funny story that we still laugh about today. After walking the battlefield (in July, of course) I wanted to eat at the Herr House tavern. We walked in there in our shorts and soaked shirts to see people in suits and evening gowns. We were seated on the porch and basically made to feel like we had peed in the punch bowl. After eating 1/2 chickens that were $25 each, I asked the waiter if we were under-dressed. He looked at me with all seriousness and said "we're not a 4-star restaurant yet, so we will let anyone in. Next year you would be." Needless to say his tip was to read "How To Be A Smarter Waiter".


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