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 Posted: Mon Jun 25th, 2007 09:54 pm
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Had to laugh as I read your Herr Tavern story. Would be curious as to when this was. There was a time when that was a very fine dining establishment. Great food, friendly staff, etc. Then, in about 1998, it totally changed. They obviously thought they were a 4-star place, but they were in fact sliding in the wrong direction. Food got worse, staff got haughtier, atmosphere sucked. They seemed more concerned with turning it into a B&B after spending lots of money adding rooms upstairs. If you weren't planning on staying there, you were treated rudely. I for one will never return.

I would add that Herr's actually consists of 2 buildings, the restaraunt you speak of, and the bar/lounge building beside it. That's the one you should have gone to. You would have been the best dressed ones there. The staff is great, the barfare food is great, and it's a friendly atmosphere.

BTW, welcome to the board!

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