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 Posted: Mon Jan 30th, 2006 04:23 pm
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Oh that would be great politcial fodder on critical budget issues like uparmoring Humvees and flak jackets for the troops.  I'm not disagreeing with you, a principled president like Reagan could send the message and cut out the majority of the pork after two or three vetos but I'm not sure in today's political and press climate it would work.  The line item veto would IMO put the focus back where it belongs on the congressmen and make them justify and get others on their side to override the president's veto, if the pork was worth it.  Of course the down side is the folks at home would get visibility to what their "Bird" was doing for them and keep sending him whistling back to congress after each election.

Okay, here's a solution, lets rotate the districts every election, next election my district gets to vote for the representatives and Senators  in Massachusetts.  That would fix some problems. ;) 

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