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 Posted: Tue Jun 26th, 2007 10:15 am
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I was pretty disturbed by the reaction to Juan Pablo Montoya winning at Sonoma, immediately after his win.  I was not disturbed by his win, itself, but by the reaction of the announcers and the post-race talkity-talk (which moved from TNT to The Speed Channel in short order).

As if it had been pre-planned for JPM's first win, the announcers over-gushed about The Wonder of It All:  How NASCAR wanted to go international.... And, they had the cameras repeatedly show shots of flags representing Bogata, Columbia  being draped in mutlitudes from the stands.  Making sure they were just "so thrilled and positive" that NASCAR might become world-wide. 

They even gave a little speech (although it came across as conversational) about how many people still clung to the idea of NASCAR as a SOUTHERN sport, and how behind-the-times this was.

Well, yeah, NASCAR can make loads of bucks if it becomes international.  And I am sure these beloved Southern announcer's are making some bonuses for acting so almost-gushy-excited at the idea that NASCAR can "capture" a bigger audience by going international.  They will pro'bly bring the ghost of Bill France into this plan.

Look, I don't mind the Yankee drivers.  I really like some of them ... SMOKE. 

But the idea of NASCAR going international; well, it IS a Southern sport first to me, but I accept and even like it very much as a NATIONAL sport.

But INTERnational; that is something else.  I think that I really would lose interest and stop watching if it wasn't American boys and men duking it out.

That is one of the big reasons that I don't like Indy so much. 

Anyway, for a moment, I had a bad reaction to the cameras repeatedly showing shots of the Columbian flags hanging over the stands.  Hey, I can't bring a Southern /Confederate flag there to drape when a Southern driver wins....why does The Cradle of Cocaine (Bogata, Columbia) get to hang it's flag out, and be celebrated for it?

Anyway, I am just really sad at the idea of NASCAR going international, which it seems the "powers-that-be are pushing for.

What'cha'All think about it, yourselves?



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