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 Posted: Tue Jun 26th, 2007 05:28 pm
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For me, I would much prefer to see more women and U.S. minorities driving in NASCAR than to have NASCAR make a push to become an international competition more on the order of Indie racing or grand prix racing.

There was some talk of Danika Patrick coming over to NASCAR, but I think she had a lot of opposition. I recall that Richard Petty was opposed and even made remarks such as NASCAR didn't need the "kind of woman" who would dream of racing against NASCAR's tough men (or some such nonsense.) You know, we wouldn't want women , and by extension, minorities to get all uppity and think they can compete with the current crop of NASCAR males.  NASCAR doesn't roll like that.

Well, I don't buy that argument. I do predict the day that some of NASCAR's best drivers will be American minorities and women. First, we will have to have a "passing of the guard", so to speak, to get those old attitudes out of the sport or business or whatever it is.

What could happen, though, is that to preserve the true Southern character of NASCAR while it evolves toward worldwide participation, there may have to be another league grow up from the grassroots just as NASCAR did and take over the niche that NASCAR appears to be leaving behund in its dust--er--exhaust.

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