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 Posted: Tue Jun 26th, 2007 09:13 pm
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I was kinda confused after sundays race too . First off they do a whole prerace deal on JR. Johnson and how proud the are of their roots then start talking about NASCAR going International after Montoya's win. Cant say i was too suprised after the race was over Montoya came from a series that has alot of roadcourses so it came natural to him just like Robbie the other Gordon , and Boris Said. That is what i dont like about road course these gunslingers that come in just to race the road course for the team then vanish. I think Nascar has moved from its roots. It  has changed alot since i started watchin in 95 and looks like it will continue, more cookie cutter tracks and the COT (which i think is completly UGLY) and the changing of the guard, old drivers being replaced by new ones , my father how has been watching NASCAR  since Petty says he dosnt like it anymore cause of the new car and the media only covering the young drivers. He does have a point i can remember when espn/TNN used to interview the top ten drivers and the points leader after every race, now you are lucky if you get the top 5 and hardly every do they interview the points leader unless he is in the top 5 finishers. BRING back Eli Gold too I hate these new comintators , that think the know alot about NASCAR the bums, bring back Eli Gold and Ned Jarrett . Really smart TNT have Kyle Petty be an in car commentator and then he wrecks on the first lap LOL can you say embarassing. While your at it lets race at North Wilkesboro Speedway again . As my pappy used to say Dance with who brung ya.

And I jump off my soap box and retreat to the campfire

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