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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2007 06:12 am
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Cleborne Fan wrote:

For me, I would much prefer to see more women and U.S. minorities driving in NASCAR than to have NASCAR make a push to become an international competition more on the order of Indie racing or grand prix racing.


I DO sincerely apoplogize for what I wrote when I said:  "I think that I really would lose interest and stop watching if it wasn't American boys and men duking it out."  I would like to qualify that to, "I would like to see truly qualified North American men and women of any race battle it out".  My Bad - I was so upset by the "international " idea that I forgot to give the credit due to every United States' citizen. 

NASCAR driving takes superbly conditioned athletes; and in the case of  NASCAR, that is based on the driver's concentration and reflex time (as opposed to size and muscle mass). So, it is suitable, in this sport, for men and women to compete against each other.  And, as for race (not as in car race, as in the other kind of "race"):  I don't really give a darn about that, as long as the driver is a good one. 

(A side-thought here, though, if we are going to have both men and woman of every North American racial derivation represented, we are going to have a lot of problems with what happens when who gets mad at whom - like when Danica Patrick got mad at  Dan Wheldon and shoved him - and he said he couldn't shove her back because she was a woman?  And what about the  NASCAR truck race Friday, when the veteran Musgrave slammed the rookie Kelly Bires into the wall after Bires collided with Musgrave?  How are we going to deal with these things when there are drivers of mixed races and both sexes?  It's going to happen, racing is very intense and full of adrenaline.)

Younglobo:  thanks for that "soapbox" speech - I felt a lot better after I read that. You sure knew what you were talking about there, a lot better than I knew what I was talking about when I started this thread.

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