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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2007 02:57 pm
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 Most of the troops available to take that hill had been marching and fighting all day they were disorganized and terribly jumbled togeather after breaking into squad sized units (which were only usefull in WBTS as mess mates) to get through the streets of Gettysburg.  History chanell had a segment where they used crowd management software to simulate the movement of confederate troops through the town which really brought this out clearly.  Even Stonewall had to concede after his very successful end run prior to his fatal wounding that the pursuit had to stop to reorganize his men into managable formations. To sort out the confusion which contributed to his fatal shooting, and those troops had not been filtered  through the streets of a small village. 

Perhaps the bottom line on how injured individuals react is a personal code of behavior. Why do individuals exposed to combat, crime, financial loss, or any other stress of life not all react the same? Because we each bring our own experiences and beleifsystems to the situation. Combat medics can relate experiences of two soldiers side by side when injured. One who has severe injury survives, while the less critical does not


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