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 Posted: Wed Jun 27th, 2007 08:04 pm
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I hope this isn't just for men.  If so, forgive me ahead of time. 

It was the love of Civil War history that caused Steve (slnj) and I to find each other.  We love being on the field and we especially love getting together with our muster family.  We are already planning our retirement to buy an RV and hit every civil war site we can find, read every sign posted along the way. and read all those dusty civil war books in our library. :D

I wish I had a solution for you gents who are not fortunate enough to have a companion that shares your interest.  See, I once had the same problem.  (that is not why I got rid of him)  :P

Perhaps you can get her interested in the other cool things in the surrounding areas and you can do both.   Who knows, maybe, you will learn to love the things she is interested in also. ;)

Colleen aka CWgal

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