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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2007 06:02 pm
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Dont know what eff means i assume it is not good. But if you dont support NASCAR and yet go to your local track where will the drivers go ?? I Have attended my local Short Track (I-70 speedway Odessa,MO)  if everyone left NASCAR (and I am taking a big leap cause you can hardly get any 5 Nascar fans to agree on anything) where would the local shorttrack heros go after they have accomplised everything in there region??  Would think they would want to compete in the next level of nascar so if you take away the big game whats the point kind of like taking the major leagues away but yet leaving the minors in baseball.

Reb.. Yeah my wife cant understand how i can remember NASCAR Stuff but still cant remember the kids and her B-DAY LOL priorities i guess LOL


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