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 Posted: Mon Jan 30th, 2006 05:13 pm
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Hi Anca:) David is right If he had counter attacked it would have been doing a Fredericksburg in reverse. And I'm not sure Burnside had all his troops across the river yet, so they could have been sent it to help handle Lee's attack. (Thanks David:) I should have said that also.) In the longer term, I think Lee was hoping Burnside would try again and receive a worse beating then he already had. Another point that I just remembered is that Lee didn't really want to fight there. He wanted to take up a position further south along the North Anna River, because he thought it would be a better position to counterattack from. But President Davis rejected the idea because it would have meant  giving up more Conferderate territory. Davia wanted to avoid that if and when possible. As for Lee he generally tried to be a proactive general. Too much so sometimes.   

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