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 Posted: Mon Jul 2nd, 2007 07:23 pm
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A decent book on Buford — maybe the only book on him of any substance that I'm aware of — is Edward Longacre's 'General John Buford — A Military Biography,' written in 1995.

I met Longacre once. He's a huge man, about 6-foot-5, and rather personable. He's a prolific writer on the Civil War, and particularly on the cavalry, I think. I bet he's got about 10-15 titles out there over the years, at least.

I found his work on Buford easy to read and only 248 pages of text, if you don't include the notes or bibliography. It's probably as informative as it gets when you consider that Buford didn't leave much of a paper trail behind him.

More Union generals? I'd like to read more on George Thomas and George
Meade by current historians.

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