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 Posted: Mon Jan 30th, 2006 07:36 pm
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Union artillery was not in disarray at all.

BTW, Kent is spot on and the fact that the Union would have an even stronger defensive position than his own was exactly why Lee didn't want to fight where he did. 

Lee didn't have much choice but to sit there and follow orders from Davis.  I think if Lee had freedom of action he would have retreatd to the Rapidan and get Burnside to fall for the trap he tried to set for Grant (but Grant refused to bite, Burnside on the other hand probably would have).  So Lee could not retreat (that option), could not flank Burnside on his left (river too wide), could not attack head on, that only leaves two options attack Burnside's right or sit tight.  The former option would uncover Richmond, something Davis would not approve and require operations in the cold and wet of December-January.  Lee selected the best bad option facing him.

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