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 Posted: Tue Jul 10th, 2007 04:58 am
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Welcome back, Joanie. Rest tonight. Have a good breakfast -- steak and eggs with country fries sound good?

Could not have taken that hill?  I think he could have, at great price. But Ewell's great price might well have averted the possibly more costly attempts on day two and day three. Without that hill, Meade would have probably reverted to his Pipe Creek Line.

Which brings me to someone else's interesting observation: that Ewell was unaccustomed to Lee's wishes as orders--and that Jackson would have intuitively known that Lee meant, with "if practicable," that he needed it.

Say Ewell takes that hill and Mead beats it back to Pipe Creek. Lee now owns Gettysburg. But his supply line is weak and insufficient. The countryside is stripped bare of forage and fodder. And were is Lee? At the same place he was on day 2 and 3 at Gettysburg--attack or go home. Am unfamiliar with the Pipe Creek Line, but understand that it was (or would have been) all but impenetrable.

Ain't it fun playing armchair general?



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