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 Posted: Tue Jul 10th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Generals (You have been promoted for the remainder of the thread, Pvt. Clewell, unless you object, of course):

I think what we need now is MAPS!  Good, solid, very detailed maps.  To address both questions - both That Hill and the Union Mills/Pipe Creek connection.

Genenal Harold brought in the all-important topological and physical details of the landscape that need to be considered.  What we also need to know is exact location of the different troops and their specific conditions (numbers, how well-rested or used up, supply lines, and any other pertinant information).  Both at the time Ewell was dealing with the issue of That Hill and the next morning, when, should That Hill have been taken, Meade would have decided whether to fight on at G-burg or not.

What we really need to do is meet at G-burg and walk it through, but I'm not up to it today, LOL!

Ole, I think that even if Meade would have withdrawn to Pipe Creek, Lee would have chosen not to attack there - my understanding is that it was a truly wonderful defensive position for anyone whom held it.  Perhaps if Meade had his army burrowed in there, Lee would gone around it and  gotten between the AofP and Washington, forcing Meade to attack him!  If I recall correctly about the AotP's base of supplies  being about 20 miles down the road from G-burg, then Lee could have even cut off Meade's supply line altogether!

But, I get too far ahead, now.....



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