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 Posted: Tue Jul 10th, 2007 09:32 pm
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Hey! I've been to Pipe Creek. A couple years ago, our CWI field trip was to Annapolis and we took the back roads. About a minute before we got to Pipe Creek, our guide said it was coming up so look out your windows as we zip by. We had about all of 5 seconds to get a look at it. Having said that, it was in pretty rugged terrain, in the shadow of the Catoctin Mountains, I'd say. I know as soon as the bus crossed the creek, it had to downshift to get climb a fairly intense incline and the area was heavily forested. Clearly, a defense by Meade here would have made Marye's Heights look like an exercise.

I think I remember reading somewhere that the Pipe Creek Line was about 20 miles long,from just south of Taneytown to Manchester, and about 25 miles northwest of Baltimore. Meade had five of his seven corps immediately available for defense of the line.

I can't say what the area looks like near Taneytown, but I've been told it's on a plain and not nearly as difficult terrain as the interior that I briefly saw. Also, Meade had good roads behind the creek to facilitate troop movement.

If Lee was forced to attack Meade here, I don't know that Lee, an engineer with an eye for good ground, would do it. But I don't know. His blood was up, as they say, and if "those people" are there, he meant to atack them. But I just can't see it.

And if he doesn't attack, Ole's point is well taken: what is Lee doing here? What choice does he have?

Joanie: I think Meade's supply base was Westminster, very close to the Pipe Creek Line.

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